Anne Brontëに関する新刊のご紹介です

中道敏行先生(非会員、大阪学院大学非常勤講師)より、Anne Brontëに関する新刊およびAgnes Greyに関するJane Suderland氏(formerly at Lancaster University)の論文のご紹介です。

Jane Sunderland’s new essays on Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey focus on “governess” as a Victorian women’s occupation and “dog” as a pet or fictional character. 

Essay 1

Agnes Grey as a Mid-Nineteenth-Century Governess’s Life: Anne Brontë’s Narrative, Documentation, and Critique

“Why did many women in the nineteenth century become governesses, and what was life like for them? Is Agnes Grey a representative portrayal – and to what extent does it reflect Anne Bronte’s own governessing experiences?”

Essay 2

Anne and Agnes; Flossy and Snap: Fact and Fiction

“What was Anne’s dog Flossy like, and what were his contributions to the Brontë novels? We know a little about him from Anne’s and Emily’s artwork and from mentions in letters and accounts…. And given the many similarities between Agnes Grey and the events of Anne’s life … we can cautiously infer more about Flossy from Anne’s first novel”

In Walking with Anne Brontë: Insights and Reflections, ed. Tim Whittome (2023)


Dr Jane Sunderland